Congo 2017

Outside Bukavu Maximum Prison

Bukavu Maximum Prison

There are 1600 men, 25 Women and about 20 juveniles incarcerated in this prison. The entrance was very well guarded with a big steel bar gate which separates the offenders from the outside world. I saw a number of Catholic priests inside visiting the prisoners.

There are no guards inside the prison, only plain clothes offenders with batons to control the offenders. When the offenders saw us they were very inquisitive as to why we were there.

Food Donations for Offenders
After visiting the men we were taken to an office where the food that we had purchased for the prisoners, had been stored. We were told that it would be distributed amongst the different sections – we just hope and pray that it gets to them.

There are no programs or courses running in this prison, so when we told them we would be back with our Save The Boys project to help them, they were filled joy and expectation. I will never forget this visit as one that will be hard to surpass.

Myself, Bishop Byamungu and Pst Reuben

Chief Justice of Bukavu

Pastor Reuben Sangera and I met with the Chief Justice of Bukavu. He received us well and welcomed us and the Transformed Inside project. He is a born again Christian and was happy for me to pray for him. The security around him was extremely tight. Soldiers armed with AK 47’s and hand guns were present in our meeting.