A Life worth Living


Inspire and Equip Young Women

To inspire and equip girls and young women to live pure lives, “A Life worth Living” study is a discipleship tool used in small groups. The study gives opportunities for participants to ask questions about relationships and sexuality, to understand God’s view of them as women, to gain a Biblical understanding of sex and to learn practical skills for pursuing a life of purity.

As this vital subject matter is tackled, participants also hear about a loving Father God, with many opening their lives to Him during the course. There are eight chapters to the course, which is ideally run over a four or eight week period, meeting once or twice a week. Each session lasts ±90 minutes and is facilitated by an adult woman or a mature young lady.

A Place where Young men can talk Openly

The purpose of “A Life worth Living” study is to create a place where young men can talk openly about the issues that affect those concerning relationships and sexuality.