Save the Boys



There has been a lot of focus on the decline of fatherhood in all communities, as children growing up in single-parent households (overwhelmingly female headed) have exploded since the 1960s.

Fatherlessness is widely cited as the main cause of teen pregnancy, academic failure, joblessness, as well as pandemic rates of crime and incarceration.

Their development as a child was arrested by the drugs and lifestyle they chose. The father was not there to be a role model to him; instead, their role models became the media, celebrities and gang lifestyle.

Save the Boys

We need to save the boys from this pandemic; they are our future! We see young lives wasting away in prison and in communities as their hope fades for a better-fulfilled life. We see them not as this rebellious teenager, but as a hurting young boy with no direction. We also see endless potential as lawyers, engineers, doctors and statesmen. They need to be shown the love of a father that has their best interests at heart!