We envisage a future where  incarcerated women are loved, respected and supported towards rehabilitation and reconciliation with their families. 

It is our goal to build a powerful network of people and supporters who have the passion and heart to support incarcerated women and their families through the following:

Provision of Counselling

Dealing with a mom, sister, aunt or grandmother who is incarcerated is very often emotionally overwhelming. We find that family members, especially young children, need counseling whilst the family member is serving their sentence.. Our vision is to have a network of qualified and experienced counsellors, social workers and psychologist to help the families.

Mentorship and Coaching

The absence of a mother due to incarceration is extremely challenging for children and young adults. We would like to invite people, communities and the church to “adopt” these families by providing life coaching and mentorship programs for these young people.

Employment Services and Education

Ex-offenders or formally incarcerated people are often disadvantaged by their criminal record, making it challenging for them to find employment after their release. The Scarlet Thread would like to partner with corporate businesses, educational institutions and government to source internships, employment and bursaries for ex offenders and family.

Shouneez Van Rooyen Co-Founder of The Scarlet Thread Women’s Prison Ministry

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