Enslaved Heart of an Addict

Addictive Behaviours and Lifestyles

In this phase each offender will look at emotional wounds that have resulted in them turning to addictive behaviours and lifestyles to numb or escape the turmoil of those wounds.

Evaluate, Journal and Discuss

Each offender will evaluate, journal and discuss in group sessions their thoughts in areas such as broken dreams, being an outcast, feeling alone, abandonment, rejection, fear, pain and futility.

Fellowship and Restoration

They will begin to understand how their offending behaviour involving such things as alcohol, drugs, gambling, or sexual addiction, has been their way of medicating their emotional hurts.

Finally, the discipleship program focuses on the need for fellowship and restoration.

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Through our various programs,
we aim to help bring identity to a
person’s life who has committed crime
as well as total healing to that person.